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Jul 14, 2010 at 06:58 PM

Data in spool file does not match output.


This is a strange issue, and I'm not even sure it's a problem in SAP, but I don't know where else to ask and haven't found anything like it online:

We create pick lists on dot matrix printers. Occasionally, the output is missing a digit or character - for example in the middle of the delivery number. If delivery number is 81234567, the dot matrix output might be 8123467. The SAP spool file is not missing any data. And the paper dot matrix output is never skewed nor looks like it has jammed or "hiccuped". There is no space where the missing piece of data should be - it's all run together nice and neat. It occurs on different bits of data (sometimes, delivery#, name, batch, etc.), and it occurs on different printers at different sites. So far, it has always been only one digit or character missing every time it occurs. Reprint from the spool and it comes out fine.

So, SAP data is correct, and it occurs on different printers. Maybe it's a network issue? A printer buffer issue - but it happens on two different units, and that would be a weird coincidence. I really have no ides. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this?