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Jul 14, 2010 at 05:40 PM

Gross weight scale based condition behaving badly


We have an occasionally-recurring issue with a pricing condition. The condition (ZH05) does not consistently copy the correct value from the sales document to the invoice.

The sales order consistently calculates the ZH05 correctly. The problem is that, on occasion, the ZH05 in the billing document is different from the value in the sales order. The difference has been observed to range from small to great, and can be either positive or negative.

When we find that the ZH05 is not correct in the billing document, it is quite simple to fix: cancel the billing document and re-invoice the delivery. The new billing document always gets the correct ZH05 u2013 the value that matches the sales order.

We have never been able to recreate the issue in our test system. Every test document just bills correctly and consistently with the sales order. Our testing included individual documents as well as production-mimicking batch invoice generation.

Scales: ZH05 is a gross-weight scale basis condition of scale type B (To-scale).

Control Data: It is assigned condition class A (discount or surcharge) and calculation type D (Gross weight). The condition control is A (Adjust for quantity variance) in the sales order u2013 this changes to D (Fixed) in the billing document. Condition origin is A (Automatic pricing).

Our version is 4.7 enterprise.