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Jul 14, 2010 at 12:14 PM

CCMS: Remote monitoring of Oracle DB using DBACOCKPIT.



We have a newly installed EP NW701 system with Oracle 10g as DB.

I have created a DB entry for this instnace (only JAVA) from CEN system DBACOCKPIT and the connection to remote DB works fine. Also tried setting up system connection but it remains Inactive and gives below errors when I test the connection or try to open any logs related to this Instance.

'Error loading database manager configuration'

'Error loading database configuration'

'Error loading available database partitions. Return code = ADBC error'

'Error when accessing system'

'Reason: System not reached'

I have checked all necessary entires and everything looks fine, but still I am not able to add the system to DBACOCKPIT.

Could some of you please throw some light on what would be wrong or some ideas to fix it.

Thanks in advance.