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Jul 14, 2010 at 09:54 AM

Dynamic modification or status profile?



i've the following scenario. Results for raw material inspections will be copied (manually) from the CoA from the vendor. Once a year or every 10th delivery needs to be checked by QC. The people from the lab should be able to see whether the results should be taken from the certificate or that they have to do the analysis themselves.

I was thinking to use one inspection plan with two different operations or maybe two different inspection plans. But how do i make sure that the correct inspection plan or operation will be selected? Can i do this with the user status in the quality inforecord? So that i can select a different inspection plan using a different inspection type. Or should i use dynamic modification. I think the user status cannot be used, because this will only be changed by the UD and not by time or number op goods receipts.