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Jul 14, 2010 at 09:04 AM

Can not change WBS basic date(CJ20N)


Dear, expert

We have a second or third level WBS which contains several activities under it

and these activities from different WBS are linked together(FS/SS)

When we do a strick bottom up scheduling, or top-down scheduling,

WBS basic dates sometimes are not changed according to the scheduling

(The WBS basic dates are not rolled up to the higher level. / "Adjust BSC date" option doesn't work, either)

But if we change WBS duration to zero by dragging(shortening) WBS bar on the planning board,

and reschedule agian then, it works

We've already applied several notes

- 1137642 : Basic start date of higher level WBS not set correctly)

- 1045363 : WBS Bottom Up Scheduling : Dates not Rolled up correctly

Best wishes, Min