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Jul 14, 2010 at 06:55 AM

Indent and spacing in the paragraph format in Smartstyle .


Dear all

I have created the smartstyle , and defined the TAB formatting.

The window defined is having following details. The first tab is at 3.5cm and second tab is at 4.5 cm (the exact placment on the pre-printed invoice)

Total Value,,,,,,&totval(10)&

Cash Discount ,,&zper&,,,,&zcdamt(10)&

Taxabke Amt,,,,,,&taxamt(10)&



My problem is always cash discount is shifted based on the value of the Total Value , for example if the total value is

Total value----


Cash.Disc @ 3% - 102.00

but if total Value is as follows

Total value----


Cash Disc @ 3% - 102.00

Same observation is to the last field of Adj, it varies based on CST figure, for example if CSTamt is not zero then it will print properly , if CST is zero , the CST line is not printed ( as condition is defined) but then the Adj amount shifts towards right by two digit.

Can anyone share , if the similar problems were faced.