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Jul 14, 2010 at 06:09 AM

Triggering an idoc for Quotation


Dear experts,

I am beginner to ALE & idocs.I want to see how ALE works by triggering idoc for quotation viewed through VA23.

I want to transfer a single quotation between y Development logical clients.

Configuration is done in SALE.

Basic type is ACC_SALES_QUOTA01

Messagetype is ACC_SALES_QUOTA

E1BPACCRSO and E1BPACSQ00 are segment types.

I can also see the documentation of same in WE62

Function module in WE57 is BAPI_IDOC_INPUT1 and BAPI_IDOC_INPUTP ie two different for same basic and message type .

My first question is why so ?.Which will triggger .?

in WE41/WE42 how will i know for given functionmodule which process code is assigned?.

How can i know whether this basic type is an inbound idoc or outbound idoc or any idoc basic type can be used as outbound and inbound ?.I am little confused as i am new to ALE & idocs.

If i assume that any idoc can have any direction ie inbound as well as outbound then i should have process codes in WE41 as well as WE42 ,which is not true here.

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