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Jul 13, 2010 at 02:47 PM

Integrated Planning - Forecast Function with 0Calmonth and 0Calyear


Hello All,

I facing some difficulties with standard forecast function because my aggregation level has two time dimensions 0calmonth and 0calyear. I am using dimension 0calmont to set both, forecast and historical data. Based on the input month, system reads 12 months before and forecast 12 months starting from the input month.

Since I have also the 0calyear dimension in the aggregation level (which I need for reporting purpose) forecast function generates combination errors (Inconsistent time characteristics: 0CALMONTH,2010.06 and 0CALYEAR,2009). The functions is working correctly if I use only a complete year data set (2009.01 to 2009.12 -> 2010.01 to 2010.12) because I can set the forecast year in the function filter and at historic data selection set the historic year (which only allows a single year selection).

Although, every month I need to forecast the next 12 months, so I canu2019t select only one year (for reading or writing)

Considering this is a basic request does anyone could give me the solution for this problem?

Thanks in advance for your help.