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Personal Data Removal From Code or Web Service With Logs.

Hi there!

There are some new functionalities in C4C about Personal Data to fit the requirements of the GDPR. One of them is the Personal Data Removal, which can be found in the Work Center: Data Protection and Privacy -> Personal Data Removal.

In this WC it is possible to remove a Customer data and its related objects such as Tickets, Sales Orders, Tasks...

When, the data is removed or there are some errors in the process is possible to check a log in the Data Protection and Privacy -> Common Tasks -> Administer Data Removal Runs, as you can see in the screenshots below.

However, this is a manual procedure inside C4C.

Therefore, I would like to know:

1) If its possible to trigger this removal process using a Web Service API or by coding like Customer.RemoveData();

2) Is it possible to get the log using a Web Service API or by coding? Like get the standard BO where this data is recorded in the SDK.

I have check for the Web Service Maintain End of Business Partners from SAP Business Suite, however this web service does not provide these capabilities. Moreover, I was no able to find anything in the SDK where I can remove the customer data, no BADIs as well. In addition, I could not find a place to get the log from web service (even oData) and from SDK. Any help is appreciated =D

Thanks a million,

Marlos Damasceno

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  • This is a great question Marlos. I'm not sure of the answering but posting here so I'll be informed when someone (hopefully) answers.

    Would be great if SAP could publish more info about GDPR-readiness.

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1 Answer

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    Posted on Feb 26, 2019 at 11:58 AM

    Dear Marlos,

    GDPR was introduced in May, 2018 and SAP prepared well in advance to comply with newly introduced regulation. PDI framework implemented BADI (enhancement option) called "DataPrivacyDestructionofCustomPersonalData" which can be found under Global namespace.

    As you know BADI comes with 3 elements. That is enhancement option itself, .filtr file and absl script. In case of this particular BADI absl created is called DESTROY and here you are besically design what you wish to delete/anomize.

    Data Deletion can only be performed by Data Protection Officer and he is the only person within organisation who is authorised to delete data. He has an ownership of it, and decides when data is not longer required.

    This is legal european requirement and partners must fimilirise themselves well with it, otherwise company can face substential fees for processing personal data in incorrect way.

    More information on what PDI framework has introduced you can be found in the below blog so please read it very carefully. In one of the sections you can find a tutorial on how to implement above mentioned Enhancement Option.


    Lucyna Dreier

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    • Dear Lucyna,

      Thank you for your reply. Indeed, this BADI is very useful to remove the customer data and I appreciate the tips about the GDPR.

      In addition, to your reply there is another one under Global namespace called CheckBusinessPartnerEndOfPurpose that enhance the web service Maintain End of Business Partners from SAP Business Suite, in order to give more details about the customer and the removal process.

      Best regards,

      Marlos Damasceno