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Feb 12, 2019 at 06:27 AM

Error 404 on Logon Procedure Required with SSL Certificate

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Hello Experts,

Gateway ODATA Service gives 404 error when I enable the Logon Procedure  Required with SSL Certificate

Here are the details.

I created a odata service in my GWD Hub System and i am able to query the data and I have also enabled third party SAML setup which is working perfectly.

Now I am testing the certificate based (no password) authentication.

I have set up all the required parameters in rz11 and also have a signed certificate from my CA which is imported.

I have maintained the user id mapping in the table VUSREXTID.

When i try to access the URL with the normal setting Logon Procedure = Standard, the url work fine it pops up the single sign on url and i am able to get the result.

When I change the Logon procedure to "Required with SSL Certificate" and try the URL it gives me the below error

<error xmlns:xsi="">
<code>HTTP/404/E/Not Found</code>
"); vertical-align: bottom; height: 10px;"><message>
Service /sap/opu/odata/SAP/ZOET_INVOICE_SRV_02/InvoiceHeaderSet call was terminated because the corresponding service is not available.The termination occurred in system GWD with error code 404 and for the reason Not found. Please select a valid URL. If it is a valid URL, check whether service /sap/opu/odata/SAP/ZOET_INVOICE_SRV_02/InvoiceHeaderSet is active in transaction SICF. If you do not yet have a user ID, contact your system administrator.

Please let me know what am i missing here?