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Jul 12, 2010 at 08:19 PM

How Encrypt a File Using Key?


Hi Guys,

Here is my problem. I have to create a bank's document encrypted to send to a legacy system. ( Using a KEY to validate the roll process)

I'm thinking to use two scenarios:

1 - Generate the file via ABAP and sent it to a folder in a server to be consuming - SAP ERP.

2 - Generate the file via ABAP, sent it to PI encrypt it via Java Mapping and sent it to a server.


First question.

There is a way to generate this file using SHA1 using a Key as parameter?


Second one.

How can I decrypt this file to test?


There is others ways to encrypt a file via SAP ERP? UTF-8 and BASE32 are not encrypt codes. They are encoding code.



There is a library or other way to encrypt a file without implement a Java Mapping?