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Interpreting the Executed Visualization plan in SAP HANA

Hi All,

I have been trying to understand the Visualization plan of a Calculated view to tune it up for better performance. While going through graphical plan, I could find at some nodes, there are huge number of records (about 3 Billion) shown as Output Cardinality Estimated while the actual records returned are only few thousands(Refer picture below). I am confused why so many records are being looked up.

I am looking for answers to following

1. What is the significance of this Estimated cardinality? (Not sure if I have to worry about this as my query is being executed in a minute)

2. Are there any documents to understand how to rightly interpret the Visualization plan?

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  • Thanks for the comment Lars. I have tried searching for threads before posting the question, but I couldn't get any relevant one. Probably I still need to get used to revamped portal. I would try searching again.

    And yes I found one book in SAP Press covering Plan viz exclusively. will check that too.

  • Somehow I am not getting any relevant threads while searching this portal. SDN/SCN (old portal) were so much better and intuitive.

    Now I go to Community section and Q&A sub section, and search for SAP HANA Plan Viz, i get few threads and none seem relevant.

    It looks as if there is no body in the community and I am in a empty room.

  • You're definitively not the only one feeling that way.

    It is s unfortunately visible everywhere here in the new SAP community. Discussions around this are ongoing (mostly in the "coffee corner" ) and a lot of people are working on "making SCN great again...".

    A lot of the previous content is google-findable and has by now been migrated. So, that's what I use...

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