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Jul 12, 2010 at 12:09 PM

Idoc user exit to update the document flow of delivery


Hi all,


There is an inbound idoc for delivery through which the delivery is getting posted ...while reprocessing the idoc (BD87) i need to update the dates on document flow of the delivery. The date to be updated is coming from the idoc.

I have the function module(RV_DOCUMENT_FLOW_UPDATE_U) to update the document flow but i am not sure in which user exit it can be placed. I tried checking for some exits but nowhere i can find the delivery number to which i need to update through the FM.

I am using the standard idoc with the message type as -DELORD and the basic type as 'ORDERS03'.

Kindly provide user exit where i can use the date coming from the idoc (IDOCDATA) and where i can find the delivery no also.



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