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Jul 12, 2010 at 11:44 AM

Quantity updates in return order from referenced Invoice


Dear Gurus,

I have set the return sales order creation with the reference of a Invoice document. Therefore when i make the return order i enter the invoice number into the reference and then make the changes with quantity as per the requirement. suppose in invoice I have 5 quantity and in the return order I make it 2 so return of 2 will take place, then i will do PGR for quantity 2 with the reference of return order and then the credit for return upto this its working fine. But now if I want make the second return order with reference of same Invoice system will give me pop up saying that the return anf credit of quantity 2 has already done for so and so item. Then if I enter in the return sales order in the order quantity I should see 3 quantity only as the return and credit of 2 quantity already took place but here the quantity in sales order is not getting change and it is appearing 5.

I dont know where the mistake? I check the copy control also for ZTAN (invoice) to ZREN (Return) it is as follows.

Copying Reqt - 303

DataT - 153

DataT - 104

DataT - 004

Pricing type - D

Update Doc Flow - X

and remaining all fields are blank

Copy Control at header level ZIF2 to ZIRE

Copying Reqt - 021

DataT - 052

DataT - 103

DataT - 003

Copy Item Number - Checked

Complete reference - Unchecked

Please help me how this quantity update will happen automatically?