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Feb 11, 2019 at 09:17 AM

Lumira Designer Geo Maps - Other Coordinate Systems?


In Lumira Designer 2.2 Geo Maps, when either using GEOJSON files to view polygons or using XY coordinates to plot data, is there any option to change the default geodetic reference system?

It looks as though WGS84 is the system currently used for the lat/long coordinates in Lumira. However, our company data uses a different system, so if I were to take XY coordinates straight from our BW data and plug them into Lumira they will not plot. We are a utility company with many records with XY data, but cannot plot them on a Geo Map in Lumira.

I can take a shape file (for example) and convert that to WGS84 with mapping tools and then save as a GEOJSON then it plots ok. However, that is an onerous process, and not viable for the many thousands of (constantly updated) XY coordinates we have in our source systems.

Obviously there is also Geocoding which, if I can find some available mapping data on the internet, may enable us to match data against town/city name instead. However this is another manual workaround, rather than just being able to just take the existing XY coordinates straight out of our source data and plot them. I know that ESRI do support the coordinates we use, because we use other ESRI products for various GIS purposes without having to convert anything.

Does anybody know if there is a way of using something other than WGS84 in Lumira geo maps, or (if you are in the know!) whether SAP are considering opening up such an option. The ESRI mapping that underpins the geo maps does support other systems, as I mentioned.

Thanks for any suggestions you can give me.