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Jul 12, 2010 at 10:07 AM

Error on Credit Card Data Import


Hello Experts,

We are getting an error when uploading Credit Card Data file using t-code PRCC. "Settlement run with number 1234567890 has already been imported. An error occurred during import. Import will start again".

I understand the cause of the error to be with a previous file when we tried uploading but then did not complete. As per the error message, the accounting run number is already in the system but when I check the same accounting run number in PRCCD, it says nothing is selected ie, the same accounting run number is not to be found.

Now this is impacting us heavily and am wondering if anyone of you out there who either experienced the same or who knows the easy fix.

FYI - we have re-attempted to upload the file with accounting run number 1234567890 but it will not upload and says, the accounting run number is already uploaded.

Appreciate quick suggestions and information please.