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Jul 12, 2010 at 09:54 AM

Compensation Warnings/Errors are not visible on Enterprise Portal MSS


Hi Folks

We are facing with the following problem:

There is an ESS/MSS Portal set up with Enterpise Compensation Management. In the portal there are several

standard iViews, f.e. Compensation Planning.

In the Backend there are several warnings configured, f.e. if the Budget is not enough for the given salary increases a warning should be visible on the portal.

We see all the warnings in the Debugger on the Backend but in the Portal not... Based on the documentation it should be visible by default.

The error message, when I input a letter instead of a number is somehow visible, but this maybe comes from the Java-side and not from the backend.

Do some of You know how is this issue possible?

Many Thanks and Regards