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Jul 11, 2010 at 10:32 PM

Date when Stock is Posted in SLOC in MCHB table


Hi Friends,

My client has all the materials as batch managed and we wanted a report from MCHB to get qty of stock in each and every stock type and SLOC but we also wanted to know "On which date that stock has been posted in the respective SLOC", I tried using :

1. Created on Date - But it seems that reflects date on which stock was first posted but not the latest date.

2. Last Change - Date here was kind of very close but it is showing 00-00-0000 for many records, so it also doesn't seems to be a correct date.

I know that we can get posting date related data from MB51 and other tables but I have 30,000 materials and I need other details also like SLED, Batch etc which can be fetched only from MCHB, so please let me know which filed to use (or which table) to get Date on which stock shown in MCHB has been posted.

Our main purpose is to identify stock which are lying in SLOC for a long time so that business can clear that stuff.

Thank you very much.