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Jul 11, 2010 at 07:49 PM

Regarding MQC for pharma active ingredient.


Hi PP Gurus,

Please have a look at the scenario that we have

For 80 kg of SFG

it requires 50 kg of RM1 when % Assay = 100 -


and RM2 qty. = 64.1 - A

= 64.1 - 50 = 14.9 kg -

if %Assay for RM1 batch is 100%

1. I have made % Assay as Batch and Quality Characteristic and then assigned it to RM1

2. In Master Recipe assigned the material list and

For RM1 put formula:


and for RM2

64.1 - CQSM(002;002)


In order to get RM1 I have forced to put % Assay = 100% in Batch classification for RM1 and due to that during batch determination, system is not allowing me to allocate the batch having less than 100% Assay.

Could anybody please tell me

1. How to get rid of the above problem?

2. Moreover when I take % Assay = 100% and do MQC system calculate the quantity perfectly but unable to copy the result of the same to Process Order RM1 and RM2. Could anybody please tell me how the calculated quantities can be copied to respective RM1 and RM2?



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