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How to extend App My Inbox using a BAdl

Good day to all

First of all, an apology, use Google translator to post my problem.

I have been trying to extend the My Inbox App, to show a little more information, but without much success.

Following a guide, to extend it through BAdI, I have encountered many obstacles, since I do not fully understand how the changes are made or what I need to achieve my goal.

I was asked to display a section of text in the My Inbox app, which comes directly from Transaction ME53N

and that this can appear anywhere, inside My Inbox.

I was told that by means of a BAdl, I could make this possible, but I do not know, I do not understand how I could do it.

Could any of you tell me what I need or what I should do to achieve this?

I hope I have managed to explain my problem well or if it is possible to achieve the objective set.

Thank you for your answers.


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  • Hi Edson,

    In the URL, you will find the instance id, which is the workitem id. copy that workitem id and go to SWIA transaction and execute it.

    Now copy the "Task" from the ALV output. Go to SWFVISU and give the task id there and tell what the Visualization type is.



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2 Answers

  • Feb 08 at 09:41 PM

    Hi Mahesh

    Thanks for your answer

    I did what you said, I got the TASK and entered the SWFVISU transaction but apparently, in my system it was already configured, in the following way

    So, I would not know if this is the case or I have to modify something else, the problem is that I'm new to extending Fiori apps, that's why I'm still a bit lost.



    task-2.png (18.5 kB)
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  • Feb 09 at 05:47 AM

    HI Edson Bravo Zapata,

    Super!, Now I guess the problem is the BADI will not work here as the MyInbox Requisition screen is based on the annotaitons. So there is a blog about it where they change the UI by extending the CDS view.

    If you want to see how CDS view annotations works in MyInbox you can check out my blog:



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    • Hi Edson Bravo Zapata,

      1.My blog actually explains the process of showing the UI in the MyInbox app similar to how the PR release screen is generated. But I am using the CDS views completely instead of writing the annotations in the MPC_EXT class and that blog is targeted for the people who have good knowledge on the CDS views and annotations.

      2.The other blog I mentioned is very similar to your issue there the OP extended the PO approval MyInbox screen by creating the CDS view extension and adding the field group annotations to it.

      You can probably remove the configuration from SWFVISU and use the BADI to populate the whole data (which I am not sure is the right approach and I don't recommend as well).