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Feb 08, 2019 at 06:29 PM

How to extend App My Inbox using a BAdl


Good day to all

First of all, an apology, use Google translator to post my problem.

I have been trying to extend the My Inbox App, to show a little more information, but without much success.

Following a guide, to extend it through BAdI, I have encountered many obstacles, since I do not fully understand how the changes are made or what I need to achieve my goal.

I was asked to display a section of text in the My Inbox app, which comes directly from Transaction ME53N

and that this can appear anywhere, inside My Inbox.

I was told that by means of a BAdl, I could make this possible, but I do not know, I do not understand how I could do it.

Could any of you tell me what I need or what I should do to achieve this?

I hope I have managed to explain my problem well or if it is possible to achieve the objective set.

Thank you for your answers.



texto-2.png (68.0 kB)