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Jul 10, 2010 at 08:13 AM

RFC delayed for more than 1 day


Hi ,

I am facing a strange problem .In my RFC function module . the structure is like this.


<GET current system>.


call <RFC FUNCTION MODULE> DESTInation <own system> .



With in the Function module we have created a BDC seesion.

Here the loop is running for 10 times .for the first time it is the rfc call is perfect and a session is created in sm35.

For the second loop run the system is going to hang.and when i checked sm35 the next day 1 session is created (for the second loop)

Like this the session are created in different days .And the session created times are like00:00:04,00:00:08 etc.

I have checked if any hold time is there for the session but there is noting like this .

And i digged more and checked in SM50 there the call is running in background and it is connected some other system though i have given the target system as own system.

please advice me about this and how to find the root cause for this.