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Jul 09, 2010 at 08:55 PM

Del related and order related billing on the same order - timing problem



In our repair process we need to bill out the loaner part (we put the money on the loaner line that gets shipped and create a delivery related billing document) as well as repaired material when that comes in, goes through the repair and gets shipped back to the customer. In billing the repair itself the money goes onto a special order related line (repQuo check box on the main repair line in the sales order entry).

The problem is that the billing due list shows the order related line due for billing after it is created. We are not supposed to bill the line until the repair is completed. The invoice actually never gets created, the log is output with the error stating that it cannot invoice before the repair is completed, but it still shows in VF04. If I put the order on bill block and filter out blocked orders in VF04, then I can't bill the delivery related loaner parts.

Any suggestions how to make VF04 not show the order related line until the repair is completed?

Thank you,