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Former Member
Jul 09, 2010 at 09:33 AM

Inheritance of position's requirements to Appraissal


Hi all,

Up to now, client only recorded 'competences' as requirements to positions, which are incorporated in the appraissal form ('Objective Setting and Appraissals').

So all 'requirements' are taken into account in the appraissal form, which was okay as only up to 5-6 competences were recorded at position level.

Now the client wants to add numerous 'technical' requirements as well to the position profile (i.e. requirements such as 'drivers license'', 'language skills' etc. etc.). These 'technical requirements' should not be taken into account for the appraissal form but since the fixed enhancement 'Add requirements to Appraissee's position' is active in the appraissal template, these technical skill are now embedded in newly created appraissal forms.

Does anyone of you know how to limit the requirements to be taken into account for the appraissal form.

I was hoping to find some limitation at qualifcation group level but can't seem to find it.

Anyone any ideas or pointers to missed functionality??