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Jul 09, 2010 at 09:35 AM

question related to IM


Dear Expert

I have below question.

Does anyone know how to best use IM when dealing with multiple fiscal years?

I'm currently at a client who is transitioning from being an asset owner to serving as an asset manager. They use IM very inconsistently in 2 4.6 boxes which weu2019re consolidating into 1 ECC 6.0 box. They companyu2019s fiscal year will be April to March, yet they have current contracts with clients (the asset owners) to manage and report based on their fiscal year (Jan-Dec).

The client is very concerned about reporting, and managing budgets which will be across 2 of their fiscal years. Since they are also implementing BI (with enhancement pack 4) I think we can manage the reporting if we enter it on a period basis. Iu2019m just not sure what to do with the budgets (weu2019re planning on using ARu2019s).

Weu2019ve recommended they control budget annually (rolled up from projects) since that is the figure agreed to in their contracts. However, since SAP can only handle one fiscal year u2013 they would have to manage the specific IMu2019s with u201Coffu201D yearu2019s offline. Itu2019s worth noting that each u201Cclientu201D will have their own IM structure.

I have a couple ideas; Iu2019m just not sure how viable they are:

If these clients/contracts had their own company code, could we use a company code variant in IM? If we do u2013 what are the other FI implications?

For these specific off year clients, would it be best to turn off the annual control so that the budgets can flow over 2 fiscal years?

Any ideas or recommendations would be great.