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Feb 07, 2019 at 05:16 PM

Deferred mode versus Non-deferred mode batch request processing? in SAP NW gateway Odata


Hi All,

Can any one explain me the difference between the deferred mode batch processing(CHANGESET_BEGIN() method's changing paramter CV_DEFER_MODE set to 'X') and non-deferred mode( CV_DEFER_MODE = abap_false), and at what scenarios we usually decide to go for each of these? in SAP Odata batch request processing.

What i know till now is :

when i send a batch request with CV_DEFER_MODE set to 'X', that is deferred mode , In DPC class control follows like changeset_begin==>Changeset_process==>Changeset_end, where changeset_process internally may call basic CRUD operations of entity sets methods,

When i send a batch request with no-deferred mode, CV_DEFER_MODE set to abap_flase, in DPC class control follows like changeset_begin==>Basic Modifying methods of entity set according to the related operations in change set==>Changeset_end,

So, since in both the ways we will be calling the same modifying methods of entity set , then what actually differentiates them which makes us to go choose them for batch processing.

Thanks in advance,