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Jul 09, 2010 at 08:30 AM

Workflow Hanging in between the Tasks


Hi all,

We are having problem with the workflow which are hanging in between the tasks. Yes, it is in between the tasks.

the workflow structure have a fork with 4 braches, 3 out of 4 need to complete before the rest of workflow can contiune.

one branch is already reached the end point, however 2 of the branch are stuck, all the related tasks within these 2 branches are completed, however they could not reach the end point.....bascially in the log, it shows the last step are completed, but for some unknown reasons, it didnt reach the end point of the fork. I have checked the worfklow defintion, no more task are between this last step to the end of fork for both branch. (the fourth branch is for logical delete purpose). Current workflow status is 'In Progress'.

Surely we have some more steps after the fork, that why I cannot let this workflow terminate at this point. Also as it had already done a lot of master data change before, therefore I cannot simply restart the workflow from begin as well.

I have try to the following method without any sucess, do anyone have other suggestion?


2. Change the workflow to Error status and restart (SWPR)

3. Execute all workflow runtime backjobs, ie. RSWWERRE, etc.

4. Update runtime buffer

5. Checked suspended workflow callbacks and deadline callbacks.

6. All methods mentions in OSS note 1098805.

Surely if you know how to terminate the FORK or in the table to force the FORK counter to reach 3, may be I can contiune this workflow. anyway, please help.

Thanks in advance,