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Jul 09, 2010 at 06:24 AM

POS inboud program G/L account


HI Gurus,

I have a problem in Business area/assignement fields in Accounting documents.

Actually we have two programs.

program1: get a flat file and uploads into SAP , this is POS inbound program and creates a IDOC of type WPUBON01.

when we check in WPER we can see Billing document and material documents created.

process behind this is: The flat file data is collected into idoc WPUBON01 and posted into application ( all the setting are done).

before posting into application , the plant is considered as business area for accouting document.

i.e; export '<plantname>' to memory id 'MEM1'.

then the IDOC application is posted and when we check WPER we can see Material document and Billing document.

When double click on billing document and go to accounting doc we can see the business area field filled with the plant name.

Program 1 worlks fine.

Program2: This program is same as above but this program has input parameter of folder where all the files are present.

this program gets each file one by one and post into the application and billing document and matreial document created.

but when we double cllcik the billing document and check the acouting document the plant name does not exists in the business area.

The program coding is correct.

do you have any idea.. its aurgent...