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standard reports in pp module

I am searching for standard reports in pp module and have been unable to do find anything.

I have requirement for pp report which will give detailed data on planned quantity,production quantity, Balance &

month oprning stock as on 1st of every month. Any direction you can point me into would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.

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8 Answers

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    Jul 09, 2010 at 05:27 AM

    SAP-standard report-

    the list is huge so i am giving you the sap menu path-All PP reports are avaialbile inside this..

    SAP menu >Information Systems >General Report Selection >Production Planning



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    Apr 03, 2014 at 12:52 PM

    Hi find the standard PP txn codes...

    SAP PP Module

    S.No T-Codes Description 1 MM01 Material Master Creation 2 MM02 Material Master Edit 3 MM03 Material Master Display 4 MM60 Material List Display 5 MMSC To Extend Storage Location 6 CS01 BOM Creation 7 CS02 BOM Edit 8 CS03 BOM Display 9 CS11 Explode BOM Level by Level 10 CS12 Explode BOM Multi Level 11 CS13 Explode BOM Summarised 12 CA01 Routing Creation 13 CA02 Routing Edit 14 CA03 Routing Display 15 CA21 Rate Routing Creation 16 CA22 Rate Routing Edit 17 CA23 Rate Routing Display 18 CR01 Work Center Creation 19 CR02 Work Center Edit 20 CR03 Work Center Display 21 CR05 Work Center List 22 MB21 Create Reservation 23 MB22 Edit Reservation 24 MB23 Dispaly Reservation 25 MB25 Cummulative Display of Reservation 26 MB1A Goods Withdrawal 27 MB1B Transfer posting 28 MB1C Goods Receipt 29 CO01 Production Order Creation 30 CO02 Production Order Change 31 CO03 Production Order Dispaly 32 CO11N Order Confirmation 33 COGI Check Goods Movement 34 MIGO Goods Receipt & Transfr Posting 35 COOIS Production Order Information System 36 COHV Mass Processing of Production Order 37 KKF6N Product Cost Collector 38 CK40N Standard Costing Run 39 MFBF REM Backflushing (GI & GR) 40 MD61 PIR Create 41 MD62 PIR Edit 42 MD63 PIR Display 43 MD01 MRP Run for total file 44 MD02 MRP Run for single item, multiple level 45 MD03 MRP Run for single item, single level 46 MDBT MRP Run in Background 47 MD04 Stock Requirement List 48 KP26 Change Activity Type / Price Planning 49 KL01 Create Activity Tpye 50 KL02 Edit Activity Tpye 51 KL03 Display Activity Tpye 52 CU41 Create Configurable Profile for Material 53 CU42 Edit Configurable Profile for Material 54 CU43 Dispaly Configurable Profile for Material 55 CS40 Create Link to Configurable Material 56 CS41 Edit Link to Configurable Material 57 CS42 Display Link to Configurable Material 58 MC84 Create Production Group 59 MC86 Edit Production Group 60 MC85 Display Production Group 61 MC81 Create Plan 62 MC82 Edit Plan 63 MC83 Display Plan 64 MC78 Copy Planning Version 65 MC75 Transfer Planning Data to Demand Mgmt 66 MCS1N Create Batch 67 MCS2N Edit Batch 68 MCS3N Display Batch
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    Jul 09, 2010 at 05:19 AM


    One beautiful report SAP has for PP module is COOIS wherein u can do a lot of combinations to get reports for a production order.

    Also we have MB5B , MB51 for material dta.

    MC.9 for material analysis.

    MCEC for LTP analysis

    Lots of reports are there.Check in Information systems in easy access under every section.

    S Anil

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  • Jul 09, 2010 at 05:27 AM


    SAP has for PP module is COOIS for a production order.Also check MB5B , MB51 for material data

    Also Check T code -SAP1 for all standard reports in SAP.


    Anupam Sharma

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    Jul 20, 2010 at 05:51 AM

    Hello ,

    1.GOTO SAP1 for all types of report related to sap

    2.GOTO COOIS for all MIS related to Production


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    • Former Member Former Member


      COOIS is a standard transaction in ERP.  If you cannot find it in your system, then your system has been altered.  Speak to your developers.

      SAP1 is an area menu and not a transaction.  At the home page, just type it into the command line.  The results looks quite a bit like the standard SAP Menu, with the standard folders, but when you expand the folders, they only contain standard SAP reports.  You could start with the Production Planning > Production Control folder and then drill down further as necessary.

      Best Regards,


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    Aug 13, 2010 at 11:16 AM

    Enter SAP1 t.code in easy access command field, go to production planning There you can find all the production report



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    Aug 13, 2010 at 11:59 AM

    Hi vaikunt,

    COOIS will server your purpose, but make sure the selection.

    These are the standard reports from PP end.

    BOM related tables :- Engineering Change Management

    AENR        Customer and priority

    STKO --- BOM - header  AEOI          Revision Numbers

    STPO --- BOM - item  Work Center

    CRHD         Workcenter Header Data

    STAS --- BOMs - Item Selection  CRCA         Workcenter Capacity Allocation

    CRCO         Workcenter Cost Center Assignment

    STPN --- BOMs - follow-up control  CRHH          Hierarchy Header

    CRHS           Hierarchy Structure

    STPU --- BOM - sub-item  CRTX          Workcenter Text

    KAKO         Capacity Header

    STZU --- Permanent BOM data  KAZY          Intervals of Capacity

    PLMZ --- Allocation of BOM - items to operations  Routing

    PLPO          Routing Operation Details

    MAST --- Material to BOM link  PLKO         Routing Header Details

    MAPL         Routing Link to Material

    KDST --- Sales order to BOM link  PLAB          Relationships - Standard Network

    PLAS          Task List - Selection of Operations

    PLPLAN_PARAM --- BOM-dependent planning parameter PLMZ         Component Allocation

    PLPH          CAPP Sub-operations

    SNUM --- BOM explosion number PLFH          PRT Allocation

    PLWP         Maintenance Package Allocation

    T415S --- BOM status PLMK         Inspection Characteristics

    T415T --- BOM Status Texts Bill of Material

    STPO          BOM Item Details

    T416 --- BOM Usage - Item Statuses STPU          BOM Sub Items (designators)

    STKO         BOM Header Details

    T416T --- BOM Usage Texts MAST         BOM Group to Material

    STZU          BOM History Records

    T618EM --- BOM of CAP material components STAS          BOM Item Selection

    STPF           BOM Explosion Structure

    TCS09 --- BOM Control Depending on Category and Usage

    Line Design

    TCS11 --- BOM Objects LDLH          Line Hierarchy Header

    LDLP          Line Hierarchy Items

    TCS15 --- BOMs with History Requirement LDLT          Line Hierarchy Takt Times

    LDLBC       Takts/No. Individual Capacities per Line

    TCS17 --- BOMs with History Requirement LDLBH       Line Balance Header 

    LDLBP        Line Balance Items

    TCS19 --- BOM Item Object Types LDLBT        Line Hierarchy Entry and Exit Takts

    TCS21 --- BOM Item Object Types: internal > external PRT's

    CRFH          PRT Master Data

    TCS22 --- BOM Item Object Types: external > internal CRVD_A     Link of PRT to Document

    CRVD_B     Link of Document to PRT

    TCS31 --- BOM Field Selection - Usage (T416) CRVE_A     Assignment of PRT data to Equipment

    CRVE_B     Assignment of equipment to PRT data

    TCS32 --- BOM to Plant Allocation - Field Selection CRVM_A    Link of PRT data to Material

    CRVM_B    Link of Material to PRT data

    TCS33 --- BOM Field Selection (SAP) CRVS_A     Link of PRT Internal number to PRT External number

    CRVS_B     Link of PRT External number to PRT Internal number 

    TCS34 --- BOM Field Selection - Control Data (TCS03) 

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    Jun 20, 2014 at 01:08 PM

    Hi every body

    Me too,I am looking for SAP reports unfortunately i haven't found any amazing reports neither with SAP1 nor with SARP, in spite of  the reputation saying that reports in SAP so extraordinary that you can't imagine it!

    Meanwhile i will try more perhaps i find good reports for PP-WM module.

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