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Jul 08, 2010 at 05:14 PM

AP Invoice (OPCH) Paid By AP Check Number (OCHO)


Hello fellow SAP B1ersu2026

I am looking to write a very simple query to be the basis for a formatted search (FMS) in SAP B1 2007A and am really stumped.

Requirement is to see the AP Check Number that was used to pay for an AP Invoice, so I thought a simple query to test before doing the FMS would look like this:

Col 1 u2013 AP Invoice Number

Col 2 u2013 Payment Number

Col 3 u2013 Check Number

I have looked at OPCH to PCH6, OVPM to VPM6, OCHO and bunches of CHOx. It looks like OPCH (AP Invoice Number) and OCHO (Payment and Check Numbers) have the information needed.

But how do you join OPCH to OCHO ?

I have searched the forum and the thread that comes closest is this one:


However, it has a little bit of a problem. At the most critical point of the JOINs of joining the AP Invoice to the Payments, it has DepositNum on OPCH, but there is no such field on table OPCH. And the one field that is even close called ReceiptNum (this is good for a chuckle) leads to Incoming Payments.

Maybe my eyes are crossing since I have looked at it for so long, but I sure would appreciate helpu2026