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Former Member
Jul 08, 2010 at 03:55 PM

Enterprise Formulas????


Not sure if this is part of the repository or even possible. I have searched but cannot find an answer to my problem and I have not fully grasped the concept of the repository yet.

I am working with CRS v10

I have about 25 reports which use a Region formula based on a clients country. Every 3-6 months management wants to rearrange what countries make up the different regions.

Example this month China is included in Asia/Pacific but next month they might want China to be a region of its own.

I am tired of having to edit 25 reports just to change the region formula and/or the selection formula. Is there a way to have an enterprise formula that everytime a report runs it grabs an updated formula from the enterpise to produce the proper results?

I have considered creating a region table but wanted to know if there was and Enterprise solution.