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Former Member
Jul 08, 2010 at 01:53 PM

PCA for balance sheet AR / AP


Dear All,

Please give a possible solution urgently.

In 3KEH balance sheet accounts are assigned to default PC's

i.e. in case for revenue and cost allocation at the time of invoice posting

if any B/S accounts are assigned as account determination but no profit center is selected.

Then these B/S accounts will assigned to default PC's as visible in profit center document.

But client needs some particular B/S accounts of AR / AP to get allocated with break up values as per multiple PC's

Eg : 11120010 Trade Accounts Payable (Group)

Invoice 1 100k

product A 50 EHQP0300

product C 50 EHQP1530

Invoice 2 300k

product A 100 EHQP0300

product B 100 EHQP0500

product C 100 EHQP1530

invoice 3 150k

product B 150 EHQP0500


Wanted allocation in PCA 150 EHQP0300

250 EHQP0500

150 EHQP1530