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Former Member
Jul 08, 2010 at 10:15 AM

BUS2032.CREATED event trigger getting delayed in production system


Hi All,

We have a requirement where we are sending data to CRM system using RFC function module. This data is sent while sales order creation or change. We have used standard event BUS2032.CREATED to trigger CRM FM in sales order creation mode. In sales order change mode, we are using custom event. In production system, our custom change event is getting triggered fine and data is sent to CRM system with small time lag of around 1 minute. But, while sales order creation, standard event trigger is taking long time ( sometimes about 20 minutes) in production system.

We tried triggering same custom event at the time of sales order creation using FM u2018SWE_EVENT_CREATE_IN_UPD_TASKu2019 as well but, still we are not able to improve performance of the event trigger at sales order creation.

Please let me know if you have faced similar situation.

Or what can be done to improve the performance, so that event gets trigerred as soon as sales order is created.


Sravanthi Chilal