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Jul 08, 2010 at 07:53 AM

Activities Are Not Released into CMS for Transport


Dear Kind Gurus,

I need your guidance on my current scenario. Currently, we (developers) do not release our activities that created in our NWDS after making our code change. We only do the check-in of the code and sometimes activate the activity. We did not release our transport in NWDS because we actually use the EAR generated from the build in our NWDS and then deploy it directly to the server (Dev, Test and Prod). Therefore, there will be NO activities available in CMS to execute.

Now, there is a request that they would like the CMS to be executed which means to transport if any activities that we've release. As you can see, the developers never release the activities but only check-in the codes because they're deploying the EAR file directly from the NWDS to the corresponding server (Dev, Test and Prod).

So, my questions are when the CMS is being executed, what will happen?

1. Will all the changes that we have made and deployed via the EAR File last time will be overwritten?

2. If yes, what should be done to resolve this?