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Feb 06, 2019 at 03:44 AM

Custom Tile in SAP Mkt Cloud Issue


Hi Experts,

I have below query regarding the custom tile in Mkt Cloud.

I have created a custom tile with a std analytical report . I have basically assigned the URL of the report in the custom tile . SAP_CEC_BC_MKT_CPM2_PC(Marketing - Campaign Management) business catalog is assigned to the custom tile . I assigned this catalog to a test user and tried testing the app but app is not visible for the user. All other tiles of campaign is visible . I have checked the business catalog and in the application use the report tile is showing but when assigned to a user its not visible .

I tried assigning SAP_CEC_BC_MKT_EXT_PC(Extensibility and Adaptability - Marketing) to the app and tested it worked perfectly fine but this catalog is for extensibility and the earlier one was for campaign management . I have requirement to show it under campaign management .