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Jul 07, 2010 at 07:21 PM

Auto Script which creates SAP Account when AD gets created.


Hello Experts - Requirement is "Create SAP User account automatically when AD account gets created", can I acheive this through ECATT scripts?

If this is possible, idea is to create an ECATT script and schedule it to run every night to find all new users on AD and create their account on SAP and lock their accounts.

Do you think this can be acheived thru ECATT's?

If not ECATT, is there any way out to acheive my objective. We are planning to reduce overhead for SAP User admins, I was thinking on following steps:

1) New User request for AD

2) After approval create AD account

3) Design a scrip, which will look for all new users on AD and will create & lock them on SAP (Nightly Job or something)

Your thoughts?

Your suggestions are much appreciated.