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Jul 07, 2010 at 05:40 PM

GR of mixed items on a pallet (initially material numbers are unknown)


Hello SAPers

I have a situation here and need to brainstorm with the experts:

Client has a Legacy system and we are in position to install a new SAP instance.

It's a Central Bank and do not sell anything to the public (SD functionality is not exist at all).

However we distribute our bank notes to the Financial Institutions (daily banking).

After a while the bank notes become unusable (burned or ripped off) and return back to us for replacement with the new bank notes.

here is my USE CASE:

The unusable Bank Notes return to the Central Bank on a pallet and the denominations are all mixed ($5, $10, $20, $50 and $100).

We don't know how many pieces of each of them initially and the dollar value as well.

All we know is the sender and a pallet of mixed bank notes.

After we QA and identify each denomination we do classifications X pieces reusable and Y pieces unusable.

Now we need to place the good ones in the inventory with the identififed material number and the dollar value as well.

MY question is what would be the best approach for Good Receipts and placing the good ones in the IM/WM after QA result??

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

Best regards,

Egri Bodik

WM Consultant

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