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Jul 07, 2010 at 04:44 PM

Re : update the table based on validation


Hi friends,

Can anybody help out me the folloing lind is custom field as load indicator. here data is coming from internal table

-. Create a FM u2018and call the FM to Update the data to Z Table as per below logic.

-. Validation will be done against the check table for the Vendor (LIFNR with LFA1 table), date (DATS for the valid date in YYYYMMDD format), time (UZEIT for valid time in HHMMSS format) and quantity (MENGE for valid quantity) fields.

-. IF LIND = u201800u2019.

-. Delete all the records for the Vendor (LIFNR) and Vendor Part Number (IDNLF) coming in the IDOC from the Z table and insert the new record to the Z table u2018ZTPTP_INV_B2Bu2019.

-. IF LIND = u201804u2019.

-. It will be a delta load. The Z Table will be just updated with the data coming in from the IDOC. No deletion of the prior record will happen. The new record will either update the prior record or will get inserted into the Z table u2018ZTPTP_INV_B2Bu2019 in case of new records.

-. Any errors during the IDoc processing should result in an error Idoc with an error status (Status = u201851u2019).

a. Possible error scenario would be,

i. Data validation failures.

ii. Table Updation failures.

b. Message class u2018ZPTPu2019 should be used for any error message.

-. Success IDOCu2019s will be created with the status = u201853u2019 if the data insert or update into Z table is successful

Thank you & advance.