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Former Member
Jul 07, 2010 at 02:56 PM

Retry Mechanism for BPM in PI 7.1


Hi Experts,

Is it possible to have a retry mechanism in implementing BPM on a solution? Here's my scenario:

With BPM initial scenario:

Sending system sends a message to PI and will be routed to another system (let's say a Master Data System) via BPM to get a specific data that will be included on the initial data that was sent to from a sending system. The BPM then handles the mapping of that specific data and then sent to a Receiving System.

Additional Scenario (if it is possible):

What if the Master Data System is down?!

- an additional BPM will be added to the initial BPM and the purpose is solely for retry mechanism. The BPM will then be in retry mechanism mode let say 5 attempts or 5 hours..and if it successful then the initial scenario will push..but if the system is still down, and retry mechanism reached its limit then it will send will throw an error or an alert.

If this is possible, how can this be handled?

Appreciate your response with this. Thanks!