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Jul 07, 2010 at 12:14 PM

Handling Unit Management


We have MTO (Made to Order) products in a business that I am considering HUM for. The MTO stock means stock linked to sales order (special stock category = "E"). We have a requirement to pack batches onto a pallet and produce a label. The delivery doesn't exist at point when I need to pack inventory onto a handling unit and create a label.

So, was thinking I would need to do the following...

1) Create a unassigned HU (HU02)

2) Assign stock to the HU (pack via HU02)

3) Generate a label for the HU (via output)

4) Later, create a delivery and pick and pack this unassigned HU.

Again, my issue is I need to create the HU and print the label before the delivery exists. This causes problems later since the HU is unassigned. I cannot seem to be able to pack this onto the delivery or shipment.

I have configured a packing station and SSCC related number range (object LE_SSCC) which appears to correctly create the HU id when I use HU02.

I have tried using HUPAST, but it cannot see the sales order stock (special stock category "E").


1. So is it possible to still pack this unassigned HU I created onto a delivery or shipment?

2. Is there another approach I should be considering?