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Jul 07, 2010 at 09:53 AM

Changing the Dynamic Text Language using xlf files


Hi All,

I have developed a WDJ application and successfully Internationalized it using .xlf file approach supporting 3 Languages other than English.

All the static text which are on screen were translated, But my application contains some UI elements (Button text, Text View) which displays text dynamically based on the operation performed. The necessary text are loaded thru WD code on action of the other UI elements.

Is there a way to achieve Internationalize such Dynamic text using xlf files? If not, please let me know the other options of changing the language for the Dynamic texts.

In the Message Pool, I have messages in the Format

"Please Enter {0}"

where *

  • will be substituted by the field name. Since this is also done in the coding of WD application, only the Please Enter is getting converted and
text also should be changed based on the Language selected.

Please provide me with your inputs.


Poojith MV