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Jul 07, 2010 at 07:56 AM

Restrict Material type creation using MM01


Hi experts,

We want to restrict some user's usage when access MM01 with limited material type. I have done below steps:

1. We hae a material type ZNBW

2. Create an authorization group ZNBW in SE54.

3. In OMS2, Assign Authorization group ZNBW to material type ZNBW ( I use the same name of material type and authorization


4. Create a role which contain MM01

5. In authorizaiton object M_MATE_MAR, M_MATE_MAT, and M_MATE_VKO, assign only activity 01 and Authorization group


6. Assign this role to testing user.

After above actions, the testing user is still able to create new materials of other material types, can anyone tell me what's wrong with my action? How can I do the MM01 restriction?