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Display Comparison of Specification / Display values in mixture of origin

Hello together,

of course we use the specification workbench for each of our chemicls (REAL_SUB) for chemical, physical and mechanical values.

In addition, we produce mixtures from these individual specifications (which are also stored in specification workbench) and for those we would like to display the values (e.g. densitiy, mixing Ratio, ...) from the origin spec. side by side in the workbench. Is that without ABAP programming possible?

Update: the function "Zusammensetzung" (SAP_EHS_1012_001) should be suitable for that but there is only the Ratio of mass or volume....


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  • Hello Holger

    some hint for your last statement:

    Update: the function "Zusammensetzung" (SAP_EHS_1012_001) should be suitable for that but there is only the Ratio of mass or volume....

    This behaviour depends on "SAP EHS" set up and how yous handle "UOMs" in SAP

    But it is not "clever" to be to "broad". In most cases. you should maintain "composition" data using the "weight %" variant as this fits quite good to real prodcution process

    For those cases there you use "gases", "liquids" you can alwys convert to "weight" (mass) dimension. (and you should to that)

    Any how. a kind of warning: the topic of "UOMs" is "undeestimated" from complexity point oif view in EHS; E.g. take a look on the dimenson "temperature" (e.g. commong UOMs are "K", "°C" or "F"...


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3 Answers

  • Feb 12 at 06:23 PM

    Hello Holger

    without ABAP prgramming: it is not possible. What you can get is this;

    E.g. let us assume you use REAL_SUB A; You have a property (in mind) in which the composition is stored. Let us assume you have two components.

    Overall: we have three REAL_SUB. If you know the "spec keys" you can generate a hit list and e,.g use output variant "EXCEL", "Valuation" etc. to display the density (etc.) in one run for the three objects. But in doing so: you do not have the "real" link that A may contain B by 25 % and C by 75% and you still can display e.g. "density"

    Normally: such demands are handled using output variants


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  • 5 days ago

    Hi Christoph,

    it is more complexer about EHS in our company that you might think about. It was implemented almost 3 years ago by a named Provider but at that time I wasn't part of the Project Team. But since 2 years I'm accountable for SAP EHS and I'm going on with usage and functions. Meanwile I investigate with help of SAP Press that (you also named) the 5 or 7 Standard Output variants arn't availible in our System. I don't know why and how I will get it...

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  • 6 days ago

    Hello Christoph,

    your solution sounds not to bad at the moment but now I struggle with another problem: "Output variant"

    Could it be, that there is a missing basic setting for Output variants? I cant change or create any Output variants. I checked SAP help, OSS (e.g.1006607) and some other SNC threads so far. Authorization C_EHSO_GRP is available. What I had understood is, that it based on User Exits but in our System aren't any UE sounds like that. Could you have an idea whats wrong????

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    • Hello Holger

      to use "output variants" some work is needed.

      1:) SAP has provided an option to handle output variants in a "tree like structure"; i believe they deliver some default values for this tree (but you can change this); There is some custommizing activity to check and work on; there is a "but": as part of the "Tree" structure: there is an"access concept" to prepare to use the "output variants" properly; without an access concept: it will not work

      2.) SAP delivers i believe 5 - 7 (something like that) default output variants. To use them: proper customizing is needed.

      For output Variant "EXCEL" some "on top" work is needed (this is explained in the customizing of EHS)

      For details. please refer to SAP EHS online help and IMG

      3:) the "output variants" are technically designed as an "exit" (check IMG customizing "Manage user exists")

      This is the reason why many companies just use the SAP "default" one to prepare their "own" solutions. The implementation (from technical perspective) just uses the SAP framework; which is here really very flexible.

      Looking on your feedback: generally i have the feeling that you are just "on the track to start up" of EHS, I have never seen a company using EHS without using output variants. They are part of any EHS project which i know

      Generally: the "Manage user Exit" part in the customizing is the "heart" of EHS (transaction CG02 / CG02bd etc,) and the SAP design is here really clever as nearly the most part of the core ´functions are realized via an "exit" and therefore it is so easy to extend EHS (if you know the steps)

      Hope this helps.


      PS: check e.g. these links: