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Transport request management for customizing tables in a Fiori App

Hello experts,

As starting point in my project, I want to move all generated maintenance views into Fiori Apps based.

System information: SAP Netweaver 7.51 SP02

How it is handle the automatic writing in a Transport Request for changes of entries from a customizing table?

Thank you


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  • Hi Alex

    Not sure I understand the question exactly. Any customising tables (even for Fiori applications) would be transportable by the normal method provided by SAP. There is no special transport process here. BUT, as I said not sure I understand what you are asking.


    Phil Cooley

  • Hi Phil,

    I`m talking about this option from SE54 --> Generated Objects for normal generated maintenance views..

    Inside the Fiori App, if my source table is lets say delivery class C, a pop`up will be prompted in which I can select a transport request in order to save my changed entries?



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1 Answer

  • Feb 08 at 04:42 PM

    You might follow the example of SAP in the FLP Configuration (/UI2/FLPD_CUST) and allow the user to set a transport request in a settings dialog.

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    • Hi Gregor,

      I`ve analyzed and customize the following options:

      • call T-codes with WebGUI( with application type: Fiori App using LPD_CUST) and via classic T-code
      • creating catalog, group --> assign it to a role in order to grant access to an user
      • creating/arranging tiles
      • creating semantic objects

      Neither of these actions can fulfill my requirement because I need to trigger a transport request inside my transactional Fiori App in order to save my changed entries.

      Do you have an example on how this can be achieved?

      Thank you in advance,