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Feb 08, 2019 at 09:31 AM

Learning SAP backend


Hello experts,

I have good hold over SAP UI5 now. Now, I would like to learn the SAP backend. By this I mean the languages/technologies, the IDE etc. Few questions pop in my mind like is ABAP mandatory or is there something with javascript that can be used instead of ABAP which will reduce my learning time. It will be a new thing for me so want start by choosing what is the current offering. If ABAP is mandatory let me tell you that I did a research at my level and found out that one can have an S4HANA trial instance for 30 days over AWS. But such a small duration won't be enough to get well versed. Are there any free instances for practicing? How beneficial is my javascript knowledge for manipulating the backend. I am aware of few terminologies like RFC(custom/standard), web services, etc. Don't know where to start from. Kindly guide.

Thanks & Regards,

Akshay Tamhane