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How to move a sap note from Test system (note implemented by SP) to Prod system(SP lower level)

Hello SAP guys

In our ECC landscape the test systems (Dev and QA) have the same SP level, but the Prod system has a SP levels lower than them, in 3 weeks we'll update SPs of Prod system and so whole ECC landscape will be the same SP levels, all this as part of a planning activity.

The problem we're facing is in Prod system some standard business operation is triggering dumps, those issues can be cleared by a SAP note, but I can't download it from SNOTE in Dev system because these solution is part of a Support Package higher than Prod system.

Directly in Prod system directly I can't to download the SAP note 'cause the client is closed by IT compliance rules

Is there some way to move code/note needed only to Prod system?

Erick Verbena


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3 Answers

  • Feb 07 at 08:29 PM

    Dear Erick,

    Great question.

    1. Look at the program(s)/object(s) to be changed by your SAP note. Does those program(s)/object(s) exist in the same exact version# in your SAP Prod system? Same exact version#s in your SAP DEV system? Same exact version# as your QA system? Look at the code changes suggested in SAP note, inspect the same code in your SAP DEV, QA and PRD systems? Are they all the same exact code in each SAP DEV, QA, PRD, & SAO note "before" change?

    If yes, then you can apply this note in SAP DEV, test, transport to QA, test, transport to PRD, run it.

    If not:

    You're right, you would not download SAP note directly in Prod system (closed by IT compliance rules).

    You cannot move notes directly to PRD (not skip DEV, QA).

    Can you:

    1. download SAP note into DEV, test (did it fix problem in DEV?), transport note to QA, test, also simultaneously:

    2. expedite your DEV SP testing, transport to QA, then QA SP testing, gain your management approval to update SPs into PRD soon?

    In your ECC landscape, it's best if your Production (PRD) system has same Support Pack (SP) level as your test systems (Dev and QA). Since in 3 weeks, you'll update SPs of Prod system, your whole ECC landscape will have the same SP level.

    Let me know.


    joanna couto

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  • Feb 09 at 06:02 PM

    Do you know the objects that will be modified by the SAP note? If yes, I believe you could create a transport of copies in the development system and add those objects to the transport and send it to the production.

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    • As far as I can remember, if the correction is already in the SP's that were applied on the system then the note will appear as cannot be implemented. If you cannot wait until the SP's are applied on the production then the only options are:

      1 - Copy the existing production to a sandbox system and manually modify the objects in the sandbox and move the transport to the production.

      2 - Create a TOC and add those objects that are modified by the note and move it to production.

      I don't understand why you cannot move a TOC to production.

  • Feb 10 at 07:19 AM

    Hi Erick

    When you are upgrading you should have both systems like Dev old and Dev New (Upgrade ones) and QA old ,QA New ( Upgrade ones).

    Such that if there is any issue in Production can be moved through Dev old , Test Old Systems and upgrade happens parallel through Dev New, A New.


    Sunil M

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