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Jul 06, 2010 at 08:29 PM

7.x Workbook BroadCasting questions


Hello Gurus,

We are currently upgrading from BW 3.5 to 7.01 and migrating several Reporting Agent settings to the BroadCaster 7. We need your assistance on a particular requirement for which we cannot find a clear answer online (either on SDN, OSS or SAP related blogs) :

We would like to know if it is possible to BroadCast a 7.x Workbook that contains about a dozen queries (1 per worksheet) by converting each sheet as an individual PDF file. As a workaround, we could accept to split the original workbook into several workbooks (one for each query) but we must be able to export them individually as a pdf.

Additionally, we would like to be able to export the generated pdf files to either a windows server (unless we can send these these pdf via email and automate their extraction / transfer to windows server.

We are aware that most of the precalculation steps for a workbook require to set up a dedicated precalculation server, and we already have looked at a bunch of white papers (including "Checking Precalculation Server Issues for BEx Analyzer Workbooks in BW 7.X"), SDN blogs and OSS notes (among them: 1236773 - BI7.X Precalculation - General Information & Limitations; 1425805 - Hardware&Software requirement for BI7.x frontend....) and threads here (including the popular "Troubleshoot Information Broadcasting") but cannot find a clear and definitive answer.

Therefore, we would like to ensure that our requirements are technically feasible before setting up a precalculation server.

Thanks in advance,

S├ębastien FRANCAL