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Jul 06, 2010 at 05:44 PM

Check number confirmation window does not appear


Hello experts,

I have an issue at a client, I have a superuser who get the "check number confirmation" window that popup when he prints a check, wich is fine. There is another user, who is also a super user, that does not get this window even if he prints a check exactly the same way. the check gets confirmed automatically. I could reproduce this on one station, with the credential on 2 users in sap.

I checked the following:

no default in the"user-setup" window for both users

the print preference setup is exactly the same for both users: print on check stock overflow on blank paper

in the house back account the paper type is Overflow blank paper

in the pld of the check, the default is the same for both users

do you have an idea on where I should look next?

SP01 PL07

thank you!