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Feb 07, 2019 at 02:19 PM

Crystal Reports: equivalent to '_'


Hello, all gurus.

I have the following formula that I am trying to use in my report.

else if ({?Day_Night} ='Day') and ({?Position} = "Firefighter without specialty") 
then ({?Day_Night}={Command.Day}; 
{Command.pos_desc_ch} = "Firefighter" 
or {Command.pos_desc_ch} = "Firefighter (EMS)" 
or {Command.pos_desc_ch} like "Firefighter #_" 
or {Command.pos_desc_ch} like "Firefighter #__" 
or {Command.pos_desc_ch} like "Firefighter #__ (EMS)" 

So far the report only returns values for the first two categories "Firefighter" and "Firefighter (EMS)". I know there are values for the other categories in the data, like 'Firefighter #1' or 'Firefighter #10' or 'Firefighter #11 (EMS)'.

I think it is '_' that is the problem right now. What is equivalent to '_' in the Crystal?