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S/4HANA Data Serivce for Rapid Data Migration

Hello sir,

We're trying S/4HANA Data Services for migration purpose according to document "RDM_S4H_OP_DS42XV1_Quick_Guide_EN_EY_TWDS01.docx".
After executing job Job_DM_BusinessPartner_RFC, background job SAP_KNA1 and SAP_LFB1 on S/4HANA side executed successfully.
However, the template legacy data in ...\Migration_S4HANA\Source_Files_DI_IN\BusinessPartner.xls wasn't migrated to target S/4HANA system.
According to the ATL logic of job Job_DM_BusinessPartner_RFC, seems leagcy data is written into staging database only.

Is there any migration issue even job Job_DM_BusinessPartner_RFC runs successfully?
Is there anything else need to be trigger to transfer legacy data from staging database to target S/4HANA system after job Job_DM_BusinessPartner_RFC?

How about jobs Job_DM_<migratin object name>_IDOC? Do I need to create IDoc partnert profile , ports, message types etc. on target S/4HANA which are the same as $G_ReceiverPartnerName ,$G_MessageType ,$G_RecievertPort etc. for each

Job_DM_<migratin object name>_IDOC?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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