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Jul 06, 2010 at 10:37 AM

JAVA Stack of our Solution Manager is not comming up



I have some problems to start my Java stack on our Solution Manager.

This system is on Suse 10 with Oracle Database

This system worked fine until I installed Wily Introscope agent on it.

So I want to let you know what I did on my system using the following guide:Link: []

1. I installed the Wily Enterprise Manager on Solution Manager host

2. . I used the option for automated installation using the SMD setup

application. According to Note 797147 I applied ISAGENT02_0-10007435.SCAusing SDM. This was applied successfully

3.Trying bellow option (2) I wasn't able to see the Willy agent and I started to install Wily agent manually. Because we have JDK IBM Java VM 1.4.2 (SR13) x86_64 I used the note 1149214 to create CreateAutoProbeConnector.

4. I added the following JAVA parameters using ./ in the following path:

cluster-data >Instance_ID42052 >server_ID42052 >General (tab) >Java Parameters:




(can you tell me if this is the right place(path) to change the Java Parameters?

5.After that I restarted the JAVA engine and this doesn't come up.

I get the following errors in /usr/sap/ZSP/DVEBMGS00/work/dev_bootstrap file:

+JVMJ9VM015W Initialization error for library jclscar_23(14): JVMJ9VM009E J9VMDllMain failed (this error is related in note 1149214 but I don't understand how to handle the sollution provided by this note)

[Thr 1084238144] *** ERROR => JHVM_LoadJavaVM: Cannot create Java VM (rc=-4) [jhvmxx_mt.c 553]

[Thr 1084238144] *** ERROR => Cannot load Java VM (server) (rc=-1) [jlnchxxi_mt. 752]

[Thr 1084238144] **********************************************************************

  • ERROR => Java VM initialization failed.

  • Please see SAP Note 943602 , section 'Java VM initialization issues'

  • for additional information and trouble shooting. +

I took a look in note 943602 but this doesn't apply in my case

In file /usr/sap/ZSP/DVEBMGS00/work/dev_jcontrol I get the errors:

+ [Thr 47433620458384] *** ERROR => invalid return code of process [bootstrap] (exitcode = 255) [jstartxx_mt. 1642]

[Thr 47433620458384] JControlExecuteBootstrap: error executing bootstrap node [bootstrap] (rc = 255)

[Thr 47433620458384] JControlCloseProgram: started (exitcode = 255)

[Thr 47433620458384] JControlCloseProgram: good bye... (exitcode = 255)+

Can you help me and give me some ideas about how to handle the errors?

Thank you,

Best regards,

Florin Radulea